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Employment Law

18. června 2014
od: 12:00

18. června 2014
v: 13:00

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Equity Compensation Litigation: A Cross-Border Employment Law Perspective

While share based compensation has been prevalent for decades, there are numerous lawsuits and transactions involving such arrangements all over the world. How do you identify situations where this type of litigation is likely to arise and what steps you can take to mitigate and manage exposure? We’ll discuss:

  • A typical stock compensation plan including eligibility and leavers provisions, and application in eligibility and employment termination.
  • Typical litigation scenarios and important case law sampling the main issues of contention in countries such as Belgium, France, Norway, etc.
  • Practical solutions and key takeaways including awards of stock compensation, litigation strategy, etc.

Join us and gain a perspective of employment law litigation surrounding stock compensation plans.


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