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We make RPA successful - Robotic Process Automation

30. května 2017
od: 10:00

30. května 2017
v: 15:00

Místo konání
Nile House
Karolinská 654/2

Prague 8

Learn from our experience deploying Robotics Solutions on 250+ projects

Targeted audience:

  • Operations Managers
  • Operations Team Leaders

Now we understand what Robotic Process Automation is. What next?

How do we ensure a successful RPA project? In order to see RPA implemented to scale, next you need to strategize, succeed and sustain. We will examine client success stories in order to guide you through the next phases of delivering an RPA project. Together we will go through the following three phases, provide examples of case studies, relevant documentation and provide you with answers that will guide you on your automation journey.

Strategize: How to imagine and plan. Learn to assess and document the processes, foresee potential road blocks, prepare the IT landscape with the client and get resources. Identify the business case and create the implementation plan for the journey.

Succeed: How to design and deliver. We help the client implement RPA, develop the skills and design capability build-up. Steps towards developing and obtaining sign-off on the RPA operating model, infrastructure design, completing documentation and developing processes into production.

Sustain: How to run and optimize. What it takes to maintain the RPA run plan, update documentation and increase the robot's scope. Learn how we help client optimize RPA CoE and workforce transformation to RPA-enabled operations.

At the end of the session, participants will:

  • Understand operational components of a business case.
  • Know how and when to engage IT in the discussion.
  • Understand what needs to be done to prepare infrastructure for RPA.
  • Know the steps to be taken to scale the robot's scope.
  • Receive best practice security, compliance and operation model guidelines.

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