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Corporate and M&A - Cross-Border Group Restructuring within Europe

24. září 2014
od: 12:00

24. září 2014
v: 13:00

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Cross-Border Group Restructuring within Europe: Exploring the Legal Framework

Companies are often faced with cross-border restructurings for a number of reasons including reduction of legal entities, enhancing synergies, reducing workforce, cost optimization, etc. What are the different options and pitfalls for relocating entities within the EU and from non-EU countries into the EU? We'll discuss

  • Options for relocation of entities within the EU by using branch structures, migration, conversion, EU-cross-border mergers, SE, and SCE’s.
  • Options for relocation of non EU-entities into the EU including pitfalls during the migration process, case law, and practice examples.
  • Information and / or consultation requirements with representative bodies, and impact of European
    co-determination guidelines.
  • Management of key employees.

Understand the legal framework for relevant options of cross-border group restructuring that might affect your company.


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