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Corporate Law - Centralised Treasury Management Systems

08. října 2014
od: 12:00

08. října 2014
v: 13:00

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Centralised Treasury Management Systems: A Special Focus on Cash Pooling

Nowadays, companies are centralising their treasury operations including cash management, financing, investment, and foreign exchange. Among these operations, cash pooling is seen as the most effective way for companies to manage their cash positions. What are the formulating considerations about the legal qualification of cash pooling schemes? Are there any regulatory issues across different jurisdictions in the EMEA region? Following the aforementioned topics, we'll discuss

  • Typical contractual set up of a cash pooling structure.
  • Physical cash pooling schemes and notional cash pooling schemes.
  • Insights on legal implications including capital maintenance rules (for upstream and downstream cash transfers / loans), potential liability of directors, and guarantees.
  • Practical issues, such as project management, to be taken care of before setting up a cross-border cash pool system.

Learn the legal issues of cash pooling and how it can maintain your company’s cash positions.


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